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Originally Posted by titan View Post
I don't have nor use Joikuspot but the module is included in my kernel.
I don't know how it works but if it only tries to insmod its own
module for the Nokia kernel then you could manually "modprobe JoikuSpot_Bouncer".
does that work?
Nailed it in one Titan. I have Joikuspot, and was unable to get it to work until now. Hand loading the module before starting Joikuspot allowed it to setup correctly and connect to a device. I did note that Joikuspot unloads it after it shuts down, so apparently one would have to run it each time? Simple enough.

Just for completeness sake, I'm running vers25, not the latest. Haven't been able to keep up here in a while, and frankly 25 does everything I need it to. (Overclock, battery query, and great power saving.)

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