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This somehow made it impossible to use the touchscreen. and since bluetooth and wifi arent turned on automatically I am left without a solution to revert back to defaults. hmm :/
Sorry to hear about your problem, but this solution shouldn't interfere with the touchscreen at all, I have been testing this for days and haven't had any issues, I'm using stock kernel, so if you're using something different, although unlikely, it might be the problem.

As for a possible solution to your situation, at first, when I was experimenting with several approaches I lost touch input several times, and my WiFi connection was also set to "Always ask" and bluetooth off or useless..., workaround? press Ctrl-Shift-x on your N900 and you should get a terminal, revert to your old driver and try to find out what might be wrong...

Now, if you did the changes manually and the file was named differently, your keyboard might not work either, in this case the only solution I know is to reflash rootfs, if someone knows how to get access to rootfs on a device in this condition (or even better, when it waiting to be flashed) it would be great to know.

Perhaps you could try putting it in R&D mode, it does some wonders from time to time with its "oh so cool" black magic.

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