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wow, very smooth
will it support google maps with search engine in future releases? google have the most points of interrest
That is a subject I wanted to be took up here. There are many doubts I would like someone to clear.

Firstly I have studied Google Maps terms of service thoroughly. To my understanding real time usage of GPS with their services is strictly forbidden. Storing content (map, search results) for offline use is also strictly forbidden. Access to service by any other mean than official APIs is strictly forbidden. I don't know of any official API other than in-browser javascript API that can be used for Google Maps. Therefore I think it is not possible to include Google services in my app because it would breach the terms of service.

I approach this delicate subject with a lot of caution. Indeed there are other apps using Google tiles. Maybe the authors of those apps have some kind of approval from Google that I should seek for?

Don't get me wrong. I want a proper Google Maps client on my N900 and I would be the first one to write one. But I won't (at least intentionally) even try to break any terms of service.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Is there a way to legally include Google Maps in such app? CloudGPS would especially benefit if it could use Google's geolocation and routing services.

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