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I have just uploaded newer version to extras-devel. It should now properly show up in Application Manager for update but there is a downside - catorise shows CloudGPS icon in Others section.

There is only one new feauture added: now you can use accelerometer to browse the map. Enabling/disabling accelerometer is done by pressing X on keyboard. Take into account that accelerometer is calibrated in the moment it is enabled.

From now on I will focus on bigger changes. Here is a short roadmap for next releases:
0.3 - update tile engine to properly support 3D and memory management, maybe portrait mode.
0.4 - make it configurable and introduce other tile providers that are configured with a config file. I will try to make the config file format similiar to other tile mapping apps so users will be able to use providers they like. By default only OSM based providers will be included (for licensing reasons).
0.5 - add search and turn-by-turn navigation based on Cloudmade services.
0.6 - add support for tracks in GPX, KML (possibly others) format.

Of course there are other planned features - (offline mode, flyby for route, 3D buildings, possibly 3D terrain, support for skins, track calculator). I am not cerain at the momemt in which order they will be added.

And again: if you like this project, please show your support by voting for it here. Thanks.

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