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So... there I was, on the Internet, looking at po^H^H^HMaemo stuff, and found this by jacekowski of Chromium fame.

I won't bother repeating its advantages, but it has one disadvantage: fmtx_client must be used - you can't go through the FM transmitter Control Panel applet and enable it from there as it has its own checks. It's not possible for me to create a replacement of that easily so, yeah, I won't bother...

However, what I can do is remove the hacks introduced by me in the boost_variant, clean up my code a little and add support for enabling the transmitter through the applet directly without having the checks of the Control Panel applet.

* Tapping once on the button will bring up the Control Panel applet.
* Holding the button down will either quickly disable/enable the transmitter depending on its state.

DEB and source:

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