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Application name: Queen Beecon Widget release
Author: No!No!No!Yes!

Description: Queen BeeCon Widget (See Talk Thread) is a highly customizable and flexible widget-based multi-instance monitoring, alerting and interactive tool for Maemo 5 Fremantle and the N900.


Partial Change Log since 0.1.4
queen-beecon (

  * New: Added "On Sight" Update Policy (If flagged, content is not updated if widget is out of sight (on other desktop) or if display is locked or in stand-by)   
  * New: Parameter Variables substitution for using with scripts which holds "On Sight" or "Out Of Sight" status: $QBW_ON_SIGHT (true=QBW Instance is "ON SIGHT", that is widget is on current desktop and display is not locked or on stand by. false=QBW Instance is not on current desktop and visible or display is off or on stand by)
  * New: DBUS method "is_on_sight" which returns true (QBW Instance is "ON SIGHT", that is, widget is on current desktop and display is not locked or on stand by) or false (QBW Instance is not on current desktop and visible or display is off or on stand by)
  * Changed: Optimized usability of settings for Widget Width and Height
  * Changed: Optimized progress animation logic for visibility when instance not On Sight
  * Bugfixing: - 

queen-beecon (

  * New: Implemented per-instance progress animation with customizable number of frames, timer, position and possibility to have it shown or hidden (Now every instance can have its own progress animation) + Settings for Hide/Show, frames #, timer, position and basename. 
  * Changed: Extended error message text to all DBUS methods
  * Changed: Now when command or script do not return any output no more "No Output" text gets printed inside the widget
  * Bugfixing: Added error message if non existing parameter is supplied to all DBUS methods "set_param_*" 
  * Bugfixing: Under certain conditions HotSpot Index was not properly reset in case update policies prevented execution of script from happening. Fixed.

queen-beecon (

  * New: -
  * Changed: Line width for widget contours FX when widget pressed set to 1px    
  * Bugfixing: Reentrancy issues for DBUS Monitor. Fixed
  * Bugfixing: "If you enter a long name for the title, the right part of the prefs gui isn't visible anymore and you can't scroll to the now hidden gadgets!". Fixed. Area is now scrollable also horizontally.
  * Bugfixing: Issues with positioning of small widgets with respect to bottom and right margins. Fixed. 

queen-beecon (

  * New: REVOLUTION!!! :) Implementation of multiple (9 = grid 3x3) Hot Spots to click on the widget. Clicked Hot Spot Index Position can then be passed to the executed script via Parameter Variables Substitution $QBW_HOTSPOT_PRESS (0=Not Pressed or other update policy,1=Top Left,2=Top Center,3=Top Right,4=Center Left,5=Center,6=Center Right,7=Bottom Left,8=Bottom Center,9=Bottom Right)
  * New: Parameter Variables substitution for using with scripts which hold Proxy related information: $QBW_HTTP_PROXY, $QBW_HTTPS_PROXY, $QBW_FTP_PROXY, $QBW_SOCKS_PROXY, $QBW_RTSP_PROXY (In the format <host:port>)
  * New: Parameter Variables substitution for using with scripts which hold Proxy related information: $QBW_IGNORE_HOSTS_PROXY (In the format <host1;host2;host...>)
  * New: Parameter Variables substitution for using with scripts which hold Proxy related information: $QBW_AUTO_CONFIG_PROXY_URL
  * New: Parameter Variables substitution for using with scripts which hold status or persistency information stored in configuration via DBUS method call set_param_string string:"rememberMe" string:<rememberthis> : $QBW_REMEMBER_ME. Useful, for example, for remembering values like counters across subsequent command executions. 
  * Changed: Logic to purge configuration settings of non-existent QBW instances from configuration file. (Check/Purge performed at every entrance in Settings dialog)    
  * Bugfixing: Reentrancy problem with Settings dialog box. At times, in case of laggy interface, 2 or more instances of dialog were opening. Fixed. 
  * Bugfixing: Incomplete unreferentiation of DBUS resources. Fixed. 
  * Bugfixing: Incomplete unreferentiation of callback functions for async command execution and timers. Fixed. 
  * Bugfixing: Incorrect logic for updating when widget desktop was active/on. It was updating also when active widget's desktop was swept off. Now updates content only if "Update on Desktop" is TRUE and Widget's Desktop is being swept on. Fixed. 

queen-beecon (

  * New: Added supplementary progress images/icons (cycle is "queen-beecon-progress[0-3].png") searching logic in directory storage in this order 1) "~/Mydocs/.images/queen_beecon_dir" 2) "~/.queen_beecon_dir"   
  * New: Added button in Command Edit dialog to add instance only commands to the list of stored commands   
  * New: Implementation of following DBUS methods: get_current_results_text (Get current content of results text) 
  * New: Parameter Variables substitution for using with scripts which holds the current content of results text ($QBW_CURRENT_RESULTS_TEXT=Current content of results text)
  * Changed: Default shape for Beecons is now rectangle. Hexagonal cell will be only shown when pressed  
  * Changed: Shadow/Light effects on widget surface, either when pressed or not, are now fixed in size (~4px)  
  * Changed: Changed some logic in simple Command Edit dialog box  
  * Changed: After instance imported, now advanced dialog box closes and reverts back to settings with all parameters reloaded
  * Changed: Changed Warning and Information notification in Advanced Settings to display hildon_banner*  
  * Changed: Changed DBUS connection acquisition for DBUS Monitor.  
  * Bugfixing: Refined and fixed logic for DBUS Monitor initialization and deinitialization   
  * Bugfixing: Changed and fixed logic for handling/displaying Exit Code if error spawning asynchronous command  
  * Bugfixing: New asynchronous execution logic was not releasing file handles. Fixed
See complete Change Log in the WIKI

Get it from: Extras-Testing link:

==Location & Navigation==

Application name: CloudGPS
Author: Damian Waradzyn

Description: CloudGPS is a complete rewrite of the J2ME version (hosted on sourceforge / to N900 using OpenGL ES for smooth operation. First alpha release is very limited in function but it still may be of use for someone. It allows exploring "OpenStreetMap I" map (it shares tiles with Maep and possibly others) but future versions will allow other map sources. It can show / follow your current location. Planned features include searching and routing using CloudeMade services, portrait mode and more. This project aims to provide great user experience - no more lags or delays This release easily works with over 50 frames per second on my N900. Future versions should be even more optimized than current one.


Get it from: extras-devel (apt-get install cloudgps). thread:

==System & Utilities==

Application name: Faster Application Manager
Author: hqh

Description: Faster Application Manager tries to be what the name says, a fast-to-use graphical front-end for apt-get, written from scratch and optimized for the N900. It's WAY faster than the built-in manager, allowing multiple selections before time-consuming operations, etc, etc...

It can:
- Install, upgrade and remove packages (select multiple before performing operations!)
- Filter packages quickly by category or status, sort packages, search packages and the user can also blacklist them!
- Optionally handle ALL packages, not just user/ categories
- Manage repositories
- Works both in landscape and portrait mode

It can't:
- Integrate into the system's auto-update functionality or Ovi store

- Filtering by date/fetching dates is an experimental feature at the moment and needs to be enabled from the options menu first for it to work for packages that have not been already installed


Get it from: Extras-Devel. All the standard warnings of extras-devel apply. Thread:


Application name: PSX4M
Author: Smoku

Description: Sony Playstation emulator


Features/work to be judged: Implemented Maemo5 spacific backends for video (HAA), audio (PulseAudio) and input (GTK+). Speed improvements. Command line interface for setting options.

Change log:
Version	Changes
0.4.1	* Initial packaging.
* Implemented PulseAudio sound backend
* Implemented HAA video scaler
* Added commandline options
Get it from: Extras-Devel Thread:

==Graphics & Multimedia==

Application name: PenPen SketchBook
Package name : penpen
Author : Ben Lau

Description: PenPen is a handwriting memo/sketch book for quick note taking / drawing with unlimited size of paper. It is designed to be the replacement of the built-in app "Sketch" in N900 , but more focus on quick note taking.

It is vector graphics drawing tool. A single click and drag could erase the whole stroke of drawing. Word removal is much easier than bitmap drawing tool.


- Vector graphics
-- Unlimited size of sketch area
-- Support to erase stroke by single click and drag. Word removal is easier
- Support auto-saving. No. of clicks are minimized.
- Multiple sketch viewer
- Support auto-orientation
- Export PNG


Get it from: extras/ extras-testing thread:


Application name: TweeGo.
Authors:Mikhail Ramalho and Rodrigo Avelino

Description: TweeGo is a twitter client developed for Maemo 5 using Qt/C++. Combining great usability and excellent graphics, we managed to achieve an amazing user experience. .

Tweego Features:
+ See your timeline, using the more button you can see all your tweets
+ Tweet without need to go to the browser
+ Delete your tweets!
+ Favorite tweets!
+ Reply and RT a tweet!

New features for the competition:
+ New and smoother timeline!
+ Different colors for urls, mentions and #tags in timeline
+ More buttons inside the timeline
+ Tweet with your location via GPS or IP
+ Change user avatar
+ View a tweet's location inside the application
+ View twitpics inside the application
+ New mentions timeline


Source Code:

Depends: libqt4-core, libqt4-gui, libqt4-network, libqt4-dbus, libqt4-webkit, libqt4-maemo5 Thread:


Application name: DropN900
Author: jonnenau

Description: Client to view content, get and post files and manipulate your dropbox account data from your Nokia N900. Make an account today if you don't have one and see how you can share files over the network with your PC:s and mobile devices.

Present features:
Login with your DropBox email and password, one time authentication. An oauth access token is used on later sessions. You can remove auth when you like and re-login with same or another DropBox account.
Full DropBox access. Read/write to everything in your dropbox account.
Create new folder, rename file/folder, upload file, download file, remove file/folder.
Image file thumbnail preview, loading animations and showing results for actions.
Threaded networking (non-bloking) so you'll have a smooth user experience while network I/O is happening.


Other info: work done: 2,5 weeks from start to finish (version dropn900 0.1.0-6) approximately 50-70 hours.
used tech: python2.5, pyqt4, dropbox web api

Get it from: You'll need to have extras-devel enabled in your device repos.
App Manager - just search 'dropn900' category in 'network', its the only thing you need to install.
Terminal - sudo gainroot; apt-get update; apt-get install dropn900; Thread:

And thank you everyone for taking part
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