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I'm going for vacation for two weeks tomorrow and I have pushed latest developement snapshot to extras-devel. I have to admit that this 0.2.9 version is still buggy - I did not manage to iron all critical bugs before the release.

Starting from last friday I had some very extraordinary bad luck. Firstly two mouses and touchpad just failed all of a sudden. Then there were severe stability problems with my main dev laptop. A lot of strange things was happening. Under linux I had many power and USB related warning messages. Then I had to print some tickets and my printer failed. Today I have finally found the root cause of all this mess. Very strong electromagnetic field is generated by my laptops damaged charger and it interferes with all electronic devices in the room. When I unplug it everything works as it should. And thats my excuse for the quality of this release

Now lets get to point. Version 0.2.9 has limited support for other tile sources. It should be capable of handling all XYZ_INV type sources that Mappero uses. Press N to cycle through tile sources (by default /opt/cloudgps/providers.ini has three sources: OpenStreetMap I, OpenStreetMap II and OpenCycleMap). Feel free to hack it and add more.

Version 0.2.9 also introduces portrait mode (tilt your N900 to change mode) and handles much larger amount of tiles at time. Tile transistions are broken in this version.

I'll be off for some time now so please report bugs here (or at cloudgps bug tracker). Any comments are welcome as always.

Edit: Forgot about one more detail: in 3D mode upper part (30%) of touchscreen is now used for rotation and the rest is used for panning.

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