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Been using the commands on for quite some time, and dbus not being my thing I always had to check the page for the commands, so I decided to merge them all into one script, this should give you an idea what the script does:

Usage: phone-control [OPTIONS]

	-v			Display version.
	-h			Show this help message.
	--call [number]		Call the number specified
	--answercall		Answer an incoming call (if present)
	--endcall		End an ongoing call (if present)
	--imei			Print the IMEI (serial) number
	--imsi			Print the IMSI number
	--cellstrength		Show cellular signal strength
	--speakeron		Turn loudspeaker on
	--speakeroff		Turn loudspeaker off
	--vibrateon  [pattern]	Vibrate using the pattern specified
	--vibrateoff [pattern]	Stop vibrating the pattern specified
	--listvibrapatterns	Lists default vibration patterns
	--ledon  [pattern]	Activate the LED pattern specified
	--ledoff [pattern]	Deactivate the LED pattern specified
	--listledpatterns	Lists default LED patterns
	--profileset [profile]	Change the current profile to the one specified
	--email [address]	Send an email to address specified
	--syncemail		Send and receive email
	--mp-play [/path/file]	Open the file specified in the media player.
	--mp-pause		Pause media player playback
	--mp-stop		Stop media player playback
	--mp-resume		Resume media player playback
	--mp-next		Skip to the next track
	--mp-prev		Skip to the previous track
	--notify [message]	Show a one-line notification
	--dialog [message]	Show a multi-line dialog (requires attention)
	--lock			Lock the device with a lock code
	--unlock		Unlock the device (useful over SSH)
	--keylock		Lock screen and keys
	--keyunlock		Unlock screen and keys
	--cellon		Enable cellular modem
	--celloff		Disable cellular modem
	--cellmode [2G/3G/Dual]	Set cellular modem mode
	--bton			Turn bluetooth on
	--btoff			Turn bluetooth off
	--browse [url]		Open the specified url in the browser
	--volume [0-100]	Set volume level
	--dashboard		Open dashboard
	--fmtxon		Turn on the FMTX
	--fmtxoff		Turn off the FMTX
	--fmtxname		Set FMTX RDS station name
	--fmtxinfo		Set FMTX RDS info text
	--capture [/path/file]	Capture an image and save it to the file specified
	--frontcap [/path/file]	Capture an image from the front cam and save it to the file specified
After installation open terminal and type phone-control to see the command list.

The script can of course be used as a backend for many other apps.

Feel free to report bugs here, although I've tested all the commands (except the camera and the loudspeaker ones)

Package name: phone-control
Package page:

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