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Originally Posted by Kroll
Mitrandir stopped working with increasing quantity of statusbar applets
This sentence have forced me to resume efforts on hildon-desktop

I spent two days and eventually compiled hildon-desktop with following patches included:
  • Changing maximum number of applets in statusbar
  • Locking home applets
  • Working application menu while controlling tablet remotely via VNC or with external mouse
  • Possibility to override hildon-desktop in handling notifications (may be useful for telescope in future)

I can not upload this build into extras-devel, because this will make all tablets to upgrade.

I have uploaded the build here:
There are also all sources and diff from pristine tarball.

If you want to try it out, you need to install these debs:Don't forget to reboot after installation
Installation of this packages can lead to conflict with osso-software-version-rxXX package. Generally, it is safe to remove osso-software-version-rxXX.

You can also install my applet-count package from extras-devel. This is Control Panel plugin for changing number of statusbar applets.

If you are brave enough to install this, please post here your results!

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