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Seriously, does anyone on t.m.o. read? I feel like bashing my head against the wall while trying to parse this for useful posts.

  • Dual booting:
    1.3 will probably contain a "fix" to the OS that will make dual booting easier. It will not provide nor will there ever be an officially (Nokia) supported dual boot option for the N900. Dual booting into Meego or NITdroid is already possible through community-supported methods.
  • Meego
    Feature freeze on Meego 1.1 has happened, and it will be released in the next few weeks. Meego 1.1 is not a full-featured, consumer-ready OS. 1.2 will be much closer, and will come out in six months. There may be backports from 1.2 that will make 1.1 a viable option over Maemo 5 for N900 owners before that time, but that depends on work by interested volunteers.
  • Flash
    There is absolutely no reason to believe that Flash 10 will ever be available as part of the official system. Adobe wants licensing for (mobile) Flash 10 that Nokia understandably doesn't want to pay (again) for the N900. Edit: apparently this changed in 10.1, after drama with Apple, Nokia, Macromedia, etc. I suspect Nokia still isn't going to bother with the resources to prepare, test and deploy at this point.

    A hacked 9.x Flash that reports itself as version 10.x is available. It will make websites that require flash 10 but don't actually use the new features (i.e. most sites) work properly.
  • When?
    Nokia has a policy that updates are released "when ready", and as such do not announce them in advance. You'll get PR1.3 when they determine it's ready.
  • So what is in PR1.3?
    All the bug fixes since 1.2 (week 19) and the release week that the PR1.3 is taken from. The current candidate is from week 36. This is the list of the 99 bugs marked as fixed between those two weeks. There will probably be some other minor updates to official apps. Nothing more than that is confirmed by any vaguely reliable source AFAIK.

Unofficial PR1.3/Meego 1.1 FAQ

Classic example of arbitrary Nokia decision making. Couldn't just fallback to the no brainer of tagging with lat/lon if network isn't accessible, could you Nokia?
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