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Here is what I learned from Thoughfix's show:
-Keypad seemed to be slow and cumbersome as an input method due to chiclet sized keys with a very stiff response. Hitting keys along top row is somewhat difficult due to the overhanging lip of the screen. Several common keys like tab are simply not present (arg!). Many common keys including number keys are on a second function and there isn't a function lock/sticky keys mode for more efficient entry. Nor will holding a key down longer activate the second function for that key. This has become a common convention on compact qwerty devices. Hopefully Nokia will improve this in a software update.
I'd like to correct this a bit.
- Tab is available, in the Chr menu. Press Chr and then select Tab from the menu. Ok, it's a two-tap operation, but it is still there.
- Number mode can be locked. Just press the blue FN key two times: it locks down and you can input as many numbers as you want. Additionally, for number text fields it automatically assumes that you're inputting numbers.