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Ok, the package is in extras-devel, called "Preenv" 0.1. As it has no graphical user interface, you will not find it in the application manager, so you have to install from the command line.

To get games, grab your Pre and copy your application storage directory out of it (that depends on your version of WebOS and requires rooting it, so it is out of the scope of this little post). Then copy it into your N900's home directory (note: /home/user !, not MyDocs).

To enter the "Pre environment", just type "preenv" on the terminal. This will spawn another shell with the correct LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Now you can try running your games as if they were native applications (they are!). They all run fullscreen; quit them using Ctrl+Backspace.

You can also generate a menu icon for a game (like if it was a N900 game!); just run "desktopgen <path to a game's appinfo.json file>" within the Pre environment. (desktopgen needs root for obvious reasons; the rest of preenv doesn't).

Remember that this only runs "Native" applications. If an application makes use of the Mojo framework (javascript, html widgets, ...) it's no longer native. ALL OpenGL games are "native" applications, though.

Also, currently only OpenGL ES 1 PORTRAIT games will be automatically rotated & enlarged.

A screenshot with the result of running "desktopgen" on some Pre games (those two games run flawlessly):
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