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And if anybody else have bought battery's and want to share there experience, please do.

Also if anybody have some battery's that they want to see tested please link here also

A good home test is simply to compare runtime with continues video play, put 2-3 movies on your phone and compare original battery to the battery you bought. than it's just a matter off leaving the phone alone to play movies and just checking up on it with 10min intervals.

My N900 is only about 1 month old so my original battery is pretty fresh.

--------- Battery Meter ---------
I have been doing discharge tests on the original battery to make a graph since im very tired of the normal battery meter that doesn't work very well.

So here is my QBW script for my own meter Version 1.1
This meter is precise to 2% since my discharge graph is only made with 2 digits.
But it really shows you the REAL remaining capacity (+/- 2%) and also current voltage.
The output is "3.800V - 50.0%"

UPDATE: Have made a new small V1.6 of the meter with LED notification when battery is 15% and lower and now also indicates when charging.

Install instructions:
Place .PNG images in /home/user/MyDocs/.images/queen_beecon_dir/
And import beecon in QBW
Battery meter
Battery meter V1.6 (no LED).zip

NOTE: if you have any problems with the display the fix is here
This is to fix the display if it shows a weird %.
NOTE: As of power kernel v47, there has been another display error caused by dual mv output, the fix is here

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Change log:
Ver 1.6: Same as V1.5 but added "Charging" text when charging
Ver 1.5: Small design with LED notification when <15%
Ver 1.4: Same as V1.3 But now with LED notification
Ver 1.3: Same as V1.2 But code has been refined thanks to No!No!No!Yes!
Ver 1.2: Now with background color to give a less dull and more visual detail of the current battery capacity
Ver 1.1: Just an update, changed % to 1 digit since it never shows more anyway

--------- Q & A ---------
Decided to make this because many of the same questions keep coming up, and it is understandably since there is over 300 posts now, it can be hard to find something specific.
This is new, and will be going through the hole thread, this will take some time......

Q: Can i use 5800 XL battery instead of Dual or Mugen battery?
A: No, the pins are on the wrong side, you would think it would work but please read a few posts ahead from here

Q: What is the lowest Voltage before the phone shuts off?
A: 3.3V or 3300mV is where the phone sets the limit.
Q: Is the battery empty at 3.3V?
A: Pretty much, on a normal 1320mAh battery you will at this point have a maximum of 25mAh left before hitting 3.0V, and from 3.0V to 2.2V (ABSOLUTE MINIMUM) there will be 5mAh more.

Q: Doesn't the mugen cover make the N900 massive/thick
A: It's not to bad, but it has a funny advantage, it is easier/better to type on the keypad

Q: my battery only shows 1222mAh not 1320mAh
A: This is not accurate because this is set by a resistor, this means you can make your battery report anything from 200mAh to >3000mAh, this has no relevance, my test is like i wrote in post #1, based on equipment to measure capacity.

--------- side note ---------
Now that i have various battery's laying around i made a small pocket flashlight, this is made with a mix of white and warm white flat top LED's and the 2 battery's from 'ys4u'.
The mix of warm white and white is to get a neutral white 'color'.
Only has about 2 hours runtime on the poor crappy battery's.
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