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I found the reason. At least on my device pulseaudio application
depends on the library libFLAC.

On device start the system starts the pulseaudio daemon.
As it needs libFLAC the system tries to load this library.
The library is at

So the application pulseaudio fails to load
(cannot load library, no such file)
Because all this happens before the internal mmc is mounted :-)

After failing to start the daemon the system tries this again and again.
It may work at some point when the internal mmc is mounted.
But sometimes the restart (respawn) happens to often and
the system stops this process.

I don't know why pulseaudio needs this lib, it has something to
do with the package decoders-support. But it seems this only
happens if you upgraded to PR1.3.

I did a reflash now and installed decoders-support.
The libFLAC library is on /opt/maemo ....
But pulseaudio starts without an error.
(And it does not depend on this library anymore,
ldd /usr/bin/pulseaudio shows which librarys are needed
by an executable/library).


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