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Testers Wanted

I'm starting to wrap up development on the Qt version of Dialcentral. I'd package it up and put it in extras-devel except I'd use the same package name and if I needed to send out a critical update I'd be blocked. Maybe I'll rethink that and package it separately.

So I'm posting it here. Uncompress this and give it a spin. The two folders can be placed anywhere (I just run them out of my home folder). Run
Note that the settings might mess up your Hildon Dialcentral settings.

Known issues:
  • Not yet tested on Maemo 4.1
  • Some issues saving settings on close
  • Messages tab is a bit abbreviated
  • Can't enter custom callback numbers
  • SMS Entry window's view isn't quite right (message history at top doesn't scroll properly)
  • No alarm support (though didn't work too well before anyways)

Enhancements made along the way
  • Access to call canceling (only a brief window for now)
  • Contacts have dividers for first letter
  • Condensed History view in prep for better portrait mode
  • SMS Entry Window letter count display change from GV's fractional to Nokia's messages used and letters left in current message
  • Each tab's information is cached between launches

Desired enhancements left
  • Some kind of divider for History or Messages
  • Besides search with keyboard some kind of quick jump to each divider
  • Somehow display when each tab was last refreshed
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