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Please Read: I am about to upload the first Qt version of Dialcentral to extras-devel. Please do not install unless you want to deal with stuff that breaks and makes downgrade annoying (settings changes).

Because of the above warning, I'm pre-announce Dialcentral 1.1.90. I'm using 90 to indicate this is pre-1.2.0 release but if a serious GV issue arises in the released version of Dialcentral than I will burn a 1.1.9X number to push it out quickly.

Major items of note:
  • First Qt Release (BETA)
  • Access to call cancel
  • Divider on various lists (for time ones, tried to balance heavy/light phone users)
  • Condensed history
  • Changed SMS Entry letter count style from GV to Nokia
  • Tabs are cached between launches
  • Display when history/messages tabs where last refreshed

Also the Dialcentral webpage has moved to a wiki and I've cleaned out some of the bugs.
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