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I also work on an other app (propably release it tommorow) called "T-CONTROL" (transmitter control) which is curently just a gui/front-end of fmtx_client.
I don't know if you're using QProcess to run fmtx_client but I actually wrote a clone of fmtx_client using the Qt libraries (OK, I lie slightly: I use GLib to parse argv and argc. libkde and the qwt libraries come with option parsers implemented in native C++ but GLib comes with Maemo )

I don't know if it'll help you or not, but anyway:

Project file:

One mistake in the code, however: rds_ps and rds_text should be g_freed after they're done with.

how do i include si4713.h header at ?
I don't know myself, sorry, but it seems that it implements the V4L interface for external control, have you tried that?

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