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Originally Posted by epitaph View Post
Are u interested in a fast radix-trie like kart-trie? it's used to build and search a dictionaray in log(k). i have written it in php tough. which language do u prefer?
You mean for WPA cracking? I've never used php before.

At the moment for WPA a just place wordlists in the 'diction' folder, but I also integrated John the Ripper in the Ubuntu version to generate passwords on-the-fly.

The N900 really would take an incredibly long time to break WPA but it's useful to capture the handshake, then transfer to a pc for bruteforcing.

Just fyi, in order to GUARANTEE to break an 8 digit case-sensitive hexidecimal alphanumeric WPA key your wordlist would need to contain 62771017353866807638357894232076664161023554444640 different passphrases
OMNOM: Pacman-like game now in extras-devel

fAircrack (Aircrack GUI): Point-and-click pwnage for your N900
Now with John the Ripper integration

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