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Originally Posted by James_Littler View Post
Bug: If I enter WPA mode and select 4 for bruteforce, then enter 1 for current cap I'm thrown to the WEP menu.
It is because you havent specified a dictionary with option 3. Place your desired wordlists into the MyDocs/FAS/diction/ directory and use option 3 from the bruteforcing menu to specify it.

Originally Posted by pang View Post
how do i get pass the part where im prompted for password in the window where im gonna scan for AP
This shouldn't happen if you have installed the bleeding edge wifi drivers as it requires the installation of power kernel v46 which solves this problem for you
OMNOM: Pacman-like game now in extras-devel

fAircrack (Aircrack GUI): Point-and-click pwnage for your N900
Now with John the Ripper integration

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