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I had to copy my JS into index.html instead of using an external script for some reason, even though it worked before

Anyway I have attached my current version of index.html. It uses the nokia english voice directions.

1. back up /usr/share/nokia-maps/index.html and gunzip the attached file and put it there.
2. download the english language zip file linked to a few pages back and unzip it into /usr/share/nokia-maps/html. You should then have a english folder with a config.xml in it and and an english_male subfolder with a bunch of files.
3. rename (or create symlinks) these files so they all have .wav extensions. You can do this quickly by run this in this english_male folder: for f in *; do mv $f $f.wav; done
4 now start maps and route to somewhere and you should start getting spoken directions!

Evaluation of config.xml logic is certainly buggy and incomplete. Time and distance calculation is very rough. I don't know how to tell if you are approaching the end of the street. The "on highway" status is not implemented yet. Only english is supported right now as I'm not sure where to get the language from. Maps seems to use language codes e.g. en_gb but file sound files are name by the full language name and I don't want to have to maintain a mapping.

I basically haven't tested this at all, so don't try it if you are relying on Maps. Any feedback on what specific situations it gets wrong would be greatly appreciated.
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