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1. The best UI man in the business is in charge of Nokia's MeeGo UI and Services.

2. A huge workforce full of fresh new minds is busy pulling it all together behind the scenes right now.

3. No news is good news. I remember the huge amount of speculation before the first iPhone was announced. MeeGo has a similarly high level of anticipation.

Some good news that should calm some of your nerves and has not been reported by any major blogs thus far is the amount of ex-Palm people currently working on MeeGo and New Symbian at Nokia.

Matt Crowley , former Director of Product Management in the Palm Phone, now the current Director of Product Management at Nokia
Karl Townsend , former chief architect, the founder of Palm and Handspring employee, now Distinguished Hardware Architect at Nokia
Phil McClendon , former Director of Product Management for Palm, currently Senior Product Marketing Manager, Messaging Nokia.
Radhika Sarang , former Senior Product Manager at Palm, currently Senior Product Marketing Manager at Nokia
Rob Haitani , former director of product marketing at Handspring, and Product Design Architect at Palm is currently Distinguished UI/UX Architect at Nokia.

4. The intentionally vague statement: “Nokia must compete on ecosystem to ecosystem basis. In addition to great device experiences we must build, catalyse or join a competitive ecosystem. And the ecosystem approach we select must be comprehensive and cover a wide range of utilities and services that customers expect today and anticipate in the future.”

“Whatever the strategy is we outline on Feb. 11, we very clearly ensuring that it will give us the opportunity to reopen markets such as the U.S. and some others, where we have not recently been present.”

They are currently building that ecosystem around Qt and OVI services. What he may announce are new partnerships similar to their Yahoo/OVI Mail deal for things like entertainment related apps and partnerships for the US market. Once the new Symbian UI, QtWebkit browser and MeeGo is released, it will hopefully act as a catalyst that draws in new developers but it's not the only carrot ... This is the ecosystem that needs to deliver results. They won't jump ship to any other OS or ecosystem unless MeeGo fails to gain traction (which is highly unlikely).

5. Qt is starting to gain a lot of momentum. Qt SDK 1.1 Technology Preview has just been released. It has already been ported to Android and iOS. Developers are also already starting to do cool things with it. If Qt can draw in enough developers attracted by the advantages of true cross-platform development then it can be notched down as another catalysing win for the Qt ecosystem. I think what will happen once Qt SDK 1.1 final release is out, is a large marketing drive to woo developers over to the advantages of using Qt. Nokia still control 1/3rd of the global smartphone market. They are working to fix their shortcomings. The sky hasn't fallen yet.

Qt Quick on a Samsung Galaxy Tab

Qt Mobility on iOS (iPod touch 4G)

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