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Are you feeling adventurous? Want a little excitement in your life? Want to potentially break OVI maps and all the hard work you did to get voice commands working? Then its your lucky day, cause I've decided to release my latest version of OmVoiceServer and new index.html page. Why shall I install this version you ask? Well... good question, cause it contains stuff!
  1. Allows a log of sent commands and allows saving log or clearing
  2. Allows turning off eSpeak commands
  3. Allows testing of commands (from voice files) as well as what phrases will sound like in espeak
  4. Allows changing of eSpeak volume and languge selection
  5. Reads the xml data and correctly says the commands
  6. Allows for changing of languages during runtime
  7. Full of more bugs
  8. And not much more!

It uses a different method to play sound files compared to the python server, hence they are incompatible. All sound commands are sent now as maneuver types (ie Junction LeftTurn) and are indicated as Sounds (ie|km|roundabout|roundabout2|onto|test street). The reason for using Sound/{commands} is it allows me to use different beginnings for different things, so currently it allows searching too (which is still online), but it logs the search requests. I also wanted to allow a speed feature, where it would send the current speed and if it is over a limit, to make a noise. This will also allow other possibilities (maybe even reading POI from a file and displaying it to the user in the html etc).

Issues/To do:
  • Forgot to put the "save log" and "clear log" buttons under the first tab only... minor issue will be fixed in next version
  • Relies heavily on correct xml config files. Hence any missing item will cause it to break. Currently from the languages tested, seems Arabic is broken. The fix seems easy so if you want to use a language and its not working, let me know and i'll upload a fixed config.xml
  • XML parsing is not 100%. Will hopefully be updated in the future
  • Still not a 100% self contained installer (and I doubt it will be for a while)
  • Have some form of offline searching implemented - will try to make it if you search for "poi-home", instead of looking online, it'll just bring up a saved xml file instead. Hence allowing for a semi-usable poi system.

In terms of the offline search, seems that going down the path of reading the map data myself might be a little difficult. I've been looking at functions in the plugin and found something promising, for reverseGeoCoding it uses
binder._finder.reverseGeoCode(searchType, igeocoords);
looking at the dll in a hex editor (qtcreator is a great hex editor btw), it seems there is a geoCode function, which should be what we need. However I have no idea how to call it, if its really the function I want, or how to return values from it. But i guess its another option.

As usual let me know of any bugs, feature requests (I've looked into automatic route recalculation once you move off the path, but no leads yet) and other stuff you wish to share/comment on.

And I know all that about "do not distribute Nokia's code" etc, but I really can't be bothered anymore, I'm not doing this for any personal gain, nor do I profit from this in any way. If you'd all be happier with a 2 meg patch for a 1 meg file, I'll gladly do that. And I did ask the council, but no reply for over a week. Like I've said before, delete the thread if its a major issue.
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