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In 2.0. I'm working on this version now.
That would be really awesome. In India and also in many other countries, music is a very essential part of the movies. There are songs in movies. This is the case for almost 95% of the music made/sold here. So basically, we have music album for a particular movie.

Generally for such markets, the important things in a song are:
Movie_Name (like "Album_Name")
Music_Director (like "Composer" or "Album_Artist")
Song (the actual song)
Lyricist ("Lyricist")
Playback_Singers ("Artists")
Most commonly, it's more than one playback_singer that actually gives their voice for a song. So, it is Singer-1 & Singer-2 & Singer-3 (Singer-1; Singer-2; Singer-3) for us. But in western countries, it is more like Singer-1 ft. Singer-2.

And most importantly, these playback_singers just give voice to a song. The performers are different. The actual actors of the movie perform these songs in the movie. But in western style, it is mostly the singer who is also the performer. And there is no song in a movie concept there.

So, while tagging a particular song, we generally don't use the performers names. We use the "playback_singers" names for the "artists" keyword.

And it is the "Music_Director" or the "Composer" of the "Movie" who is the most important person for the music of that movie.

I hope this above info helps you in further designing your already good player.

My requests:
Sort by Album (which would be like sort by movie_names for us)
Sort by Composer/Album_Artist (like sort by music_director for us)

Some Stats:
Total number of movies that get released per year (from India alone): 1000+ (including all languages)
Number of Songs per movie: Approx. 6
Out of 6 million songs in the Ovi Music store, 3+ million of them are Indian songs only!

There are not many players that are designed with the above (HUGE) markets in mind. Everyone designs their music players for the western style. I am not complaining. But I wish to see atleast one good music player that is designed to address the above.

Please let me know if you are interested and need any more info?


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