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Originally Posted by RogerS View Post
Well, in the current state of things, you must be right.

But processors get faster, and who knows? Maybe some way to compile XUL into something more compact will come along.
Well, at the risk of starting a flamewar with the Javaistas, that's what happened with Java. Java was an absolute dog on ~200MHz processors when it was released. Somewhere in the 500-800Mhz range Java apps became usable, and on today's Ghz+ machines the difference between native and Java apps is unnoticeable except for some occasional UI oddities. OTOH, the Java VM and associated tools matured a lot during that time as well, and cut down versions like ME appeared for low-power devices. So some sort of super-speedy XUL interpreter isn't out of the question, but I do agree that it won't make a difference when our tablets all have 800MHz+ processors.