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Any of you got keyboard backlighting or persistent shift key working with TheKit's new image?
Hi, the sticky SHIFT key can be obtained by adding the following lines to the first block in "/usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us" :

    key <LFSH> {
        symbols[Group1]=[ ISO_Level2_Latch]
    modifier_map Shift { Shift_L, ISO_Level2_Latch};
Unfortunately, this seems to be buggy because it sends some escape character that makes crazy programs like vi or ssh when entering passphrases. Any ideas how to fix this?

PS: I've re-mapped CAPS->ESC, SHIFT+CAPS->'\' SHIFT+TAB -> '>' and SHIFT+ENTER -> '|' (the ';' and ':' are as the engraving on the keyboard says). I have most of my daily commands covered, although the lack of symmetry for '<' does annoy me a bit.

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