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OMG, how short do these things last? My N900 is 8 years old and my Jolla 1 is four. None of them are "dying".
My N900s and Jolla are still fine, except for the yellowish side of the screen on the Jolla, but the Jolla C has suffered more falls and survived way longer than any modern phone would have, probably thanks to the removable battery and plastic case that help absorbing shocks.

In fact the Jolla C is still ok, but would need a fresh install due to lots of unfinished/uncleaned tweaks I did, and someone scrached the screen badly by putting it with sharp metallic objects in a tiny case during a car trip, which now makes me want a new phone. It just needs a new screen, or even just a new screen protector, and time to clean up the software side. I just want Chen's qwerty slider phone and find excuses.

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