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@Kangal, they say its chip is the A10 as well as being a Cortex-A8 CPU, so presumably it is the Allwinner, it does have a TF/SD-slot, so the limited memory isn't a problem and surely ICS doesn't take up anywhere near 4G (does it?) so I'll be able to fit some apps/games on there. From the pictures it looks like the HDMI is the miniHDMI and SD slot is a microSD. And yes I realise that the "3G" is just compatibility with dongles, but that isn't a problem.

As to what you think will happen, I'm not so sure. Looking at past bahaviour of Chinese companies, they may find Allwinner A10 based tablets sell well enough and just keep pumping them out. I got a Dingoo A320 which was and still is a great device for emulation (up to SNES/Megadrive levels and for the GBA too) and (I haven't checked recently) but even after a couple of years they were still pumping them out even with a lower quality screen, and there wasn't much much in the way of improved models (I think there were 1 or 2) and they weren't great improvements. Of course the tablet space might be different, but they are still selling plenty of models with Android 2.2, not even 2.3. Most Chinese companies just churn out the same old crap rebranded, very few innovate (especially at the low end) so there isn't much pressure to improve what they have once they have something successful.

It seems they have stopped the special offer on this device already (only $4, but still) and it was supposed to be a weekend deal. Never mind, I'll just think about it a bit longer, I still want a Note anyway, which would make a 2nd 7" tablet a waste at any price.

@danramos, Is that screen-size/resolution really a problem? I realise it is the same res as the NITs in a larger form factor, but at that price. All I really want is an Android device to run some apps/games.