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Jolla about solar charging

issue is with phone hw&sw..
Wonder how much is the answer accurate or if they want to just get rid o the problem. He says "the phone cannot sleep". It would be useful to know which part of phone (CPU?) and which work exactly is done to control the charging. Are all the possibilities really exhausted? E.g. couldnt the phone go sleep for 5 minutes then wake up for 1s and do the work and go sleep again?

Btw on my old openmoko i connected the solar panel straight to the battery and it worked pretty good. Overcharing the battery can be quite easily done in SW (just wake the phone when battery is over 95%). Wonder why this does not work for Jolla - the battery seems to be not charging by default - maybe it needs some command to start charging?

For me "solar charging not possible" is disappointment - it's one of the reasons i bought jolla, because i believed it would be working. Thankfully the rest of Jolla is very possitive for me, so i dont regret buying it