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I think mosen is right about the mint status of the device not being of any importance here. Maybe eBay would be a better place, as it seems people there are willing to pay just about anything. If you look up 'Jolla', narrow it down to 'Mobile phones' and then look only at the 'Sold' items, you'll be astonished. A Jolla C sold for 450 euro (four hundred and fifty!) in February, and several Jolla 1 have sold for around 200 euro (including shipping) in used condition.

Either way, the biggest problem is simply the import tax. Even if you were to sell it to me for 100 euro, I would still end up paying some 180 euro total because the customs here really don't like it when people import anything more expensive than 20 euro. They charge at least 30 euro 'customs fees' (I wish I could be paid that well to enter one serial number in a database), then the 21% VAT is calculated on top of the price of the thing I bought, the shipping costs and the customs fees combined. I don't know if the situation is similar in other countries, but I always feel severely ripped off.

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