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Originally Posted by piggz View Post
Ok, im in, with a classic strategy game that will hopefully be (nearly)all-platform. Ofcourse, if it does take off and i get millions of users, i may have to revisit hosting the online part on my own cheap VPS!
That sounds great piggz, I'll look forward to trying it out

By the way, while our submission entry page is being updated from the 2011 competition, we added a new 'Participants' table to the wiki. Feel free to add your name to it. It's for us organisers to remember who's interested in taking part so we can reach out directly with any info/updates to the competition and make sure your application is included.

(Edit: I just seen marrat is already on there, good work marrat!)

Originally Posted by leon.anavi View Post
Great! I had great time while I was developing my open-source app location2sms for the coding competition in 2011 and I plan to participate again this year.

I already have in mind two ideas for simple apps. I'll also might register location2sms at the updates section because there are several new features since the last coding competition .
Awesome, glad to have you back leon.anavi! Sounds like you're going to be spoiling us with a selection of apps and updates - which we love cos we like to be spoiled

Originally Posted by marrat View Post
I had written a GDocs client few months ago (my first Harmattan and even mobile app ever) which after some initial effort I didn't pursue further due to lack of time/interest.

Would this still be eligible to enter the competition despite having "released" an app preview back then?
Hi marrat, it sounds like your GDocs client probably wouldn't be included in one of the 5 categories for new applications if it has been released already I'm afraid. However, if you were to update your application it could be included in the "updates.." category. Maybe it will give you a boost to finish it off or add some new functionality? it does sound like a great application and the type we'd like in our competition so it would be great to include it

Ofcourse, as you've already demonstrated your skills with the GDocs client, I'm sure you would have no problems creating a second application which you could enter into one of the five categories for 'new' applications There's no limit on the number of entries from each developer, perhaps it could double your chances of winning a nice shiny new device
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