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Hi everybody!
sorry for the long time of silence but I had to recover from a severe state of inanition.

PayPal decided to answer my mail to a lawyer that was not involved in the communication thread - how weird. Anyway PP's lawyer and author of the answer clearly states that payments shall be released to us 6 months after original transaction. Alas PP doesn't act accordingly, i.e. on our account nothing has changed yet. So I now need to convince PP to act according to their own lawyer's words, which I attach here for you to see the original (truncated to hide any personal data like names and email-addr which I'm not sure the owners would like to see that data published)

I'll post a follow-up as soon as any newsworthy things happen

[edit] ps: I don't think our customers pushing PP further will help much, so maybe you wait with sending further mails until we cleared the 180day subject. If it doesn't pan out, we can restart the P'P'pestering
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