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I don't want to sell the devices for much less than I bought them for.
I mean at least the working "rm690", other ones with leaking LCDs cost less surely. if you don't want real auction (with risk of loose), then maybe tell your price, and maybe someone will agree there.

And about broken n950s, you know that display is the component, that's easiest to break, costs usually 30-50% of device and in case of n950, it's unobtanium. But because I'm budget limited, I prefer to take a risk with broken n950 for cheap, with hope I will find displays someday somewhere(or loose small amount of money). I don't have money to buy n950s in good shape/normal price as daily drivers (altough it's best phone I've ever seen[it would be gorgeous to use it with n9's oled screen, which is IMHO better).

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