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I will try the cache trick you describe. I take it that means the Debian apps won't recognize penguinbait's cups-experimental? The reason I ask, is that when I installed one of the other alpha Easy D versions (with CUPS), it looked as if that version found my pre-existing settings, and worked out of the box without any set-up. I no longer have peguinbait's cups installed though.

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Needing to reformat the partition is a bit shocking. I have no idea what went wrong there!
I don't either. It appeared as if I was able to delete the image file with the native file manager, but the space it used was still taken up by something. When I popped the card into my Ubuntu box, it still showed that there were no files in the partition, but the partition was not empty. Re-formatting as FAT 32 took less than a minute, and did fix the problem.

And thank you, by the way for Easy D!