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Can you share again the Torrent?

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Because of the mess of the shutdowned servers we have loss in some packages releated to the QtSDK and a situation which it is not easy to set up new development environment.

Therefore I created from an old debian lenny laptop with scratchbox installed and from another ubuntu laptop where the QtSDK was installed, a VM with the latest stuff you could download in the past.
And I hope that some new people who would like to dig in to the development have an easier start and it doesn't matter if you on linux or windows.

In the end I migrated it to debian squeezy for the QtSDK.
With following included:

scratchbox tagets:

QtSDK targets:
Harmattan PR1.0/PR1.1/PR1.2
Fremantle PR 1.3

It is maybe not perfect configured but I think it is a nice start.
I struggled all time with creating dpkg packages so here is the chance to deal with it.

After packaging I try to upload it somewhere and will post it here.
After download you need to load the image with virtualbox.
So people who are working with sailfish should know it.

One thing I recognized now sadly, as I saw the screenshot, debian is set to german so you need to manage it to get it to english. In the end nothing is for free. is freaky huge still packing