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Finally, our fine cellphone pictures are valued as the "fine art" they are!

My entry this month: Monarda fistulosa, or Wild Bergamot. The binomial comes from its "fistulous" form, i.e., the flowers form tubes or pipes or fistulas. This is growing in my garden, and is native to the area.

My second choice -- an alternate should my main entry not be able to serve its whole term -- is "Sunlight in the Forest". I couldn't quite get everything to work in any of the six shots, so I just add it for giggles and grins. No recent trailside homicides, so I braved the bike trip for a photo.

Of course, we may all just be fooling ourselves, since photography isn't art. At first I thought this guy was a satirist, but his stuff in The Guardian seems mostly on-the-level, his fawning over tacky art print purses notwithstanding.

Edit: To say shot on OnePlus X running SFOS, stock camera, edited with the gallery app, which is to say hardly edited at all . . .

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