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Hi Coderus,

as discussed on Twitter, for me what will be useful is :

-1- To get transparency on either charged or uncharged part. Because we don't need to have information on charged level and uncharged level as both of them are connected (charged = 100 - uncharged).
So, from my point of view, I would set charged as transparent, and uncharged as red, then when my device will be uncharged a lot, a big red line will appear.

-2- Getting this red line only when battery is under a certain threshold. Finally I don't care about my battery being at 60% (so 40% discharged).
But what I want is a line showing that my battery is under, let say, 30%.

-3- Being able to put the line at the bottom instead of top

This is only some ideas, maybe some of them are stupid or not useful

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