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Originally Posted by Zuber View Post
If Nokia expected the Community to do it's work for it then I think they lost the plot. The community should be adding to the efforts of Nokia not instead of.

Failing that, a great deal more effort in providing everything required to encourage development by others.

I bought the N810 thinking it is an N series and so aimed at the consumer as well. As a perfect compliment to my N82. It has the potential to be that. The best people placed to deliver that is Nokia since they have the now how for both.

If it was not intended for the day to day user, it should not have been marketed as an N series device.

As it is, I find it ok. But it had (or has) the potential for so much more.

At the end of the day, if this does not deliver, something else will come along. Just a shame to see some perfectly good hardware not used to it's potential.

Is that an indication that you see good things ahead (I hope so) or juat like one of those disclaimers you get when you think of investing in some shares
Please don't take this as me hapring on you, I mean no ill will at all.

N-series devices are aimed at power users, not consumers, who are risk takers and primarly technology influencers. The numbered Nokia handsets and E-series devices are aimed at those with a more "it better just work when it comes out of the box" mindset.

The attribution of the N-series moniker to the ITs is therefore done in this wise. Yes, there is a huge failure of marketing and clear product orientation at play here, but as it has been said before - there is never been a device like the IT in terms of technology, scope, and culture. To call it an N-series was nearly as smart as calling the N93 one.

It has a ton of potential, just like anything else that gets into any human's hands. The question is what will you do with the potential (within your ability to do so), and what will happen as a result of looking at life through those lenses? To date, we've not see what the IT platform (not device, the platform - which includes the community, developers, UI folks, Maemo, Nokia, and marketing channels) is capable of. Its too new to know at this point.

@Zuber: your post I am quoting here actually addresses a bigger issue that Nokia will have as its moving towards a facilitator of innovation versus the harbringer of it - perceived branding/reputation versus enacted branding/perception. For those that know Nokia, they will expect the brand that was effective and met their need with an innovative solution that just worked. Nokia is pushing something different; and its not wrong, just different. Its very hard for this group of users to adjust to that change. But since we are those technology influcencers, this is what we do to drive innovation to the world around us.

I agree with you in this:
Just a shame to see some perfectly good hardware not used to it's potential.
It is; guess that I better get off my keyboard and start turning potential into realization

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