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sadly, that one is a bit to focused on the nokia n-series.

what i would love to see is generic enough stuff on the tablet side that anyone can implement something on the phone side to interface with it.
It's only an example (if only it was real). But I don't see any reason why Nokia could not do something for a wide range of their phones. I think most these days are based on a couple of standard platforms they use. i.e. S60, S40. Not sure about the other lower end ones.

Don't think it is realistic to expect them to provide and interface for other phones. Just the APIs to enable others to develop something if they choose.

I rather liked the idea of a remote desktop app for the phone that you can hook upto. No need for 2 addressbooks, calanders etc. I believe someone has done some VNC software for the S60/S40 platforms, but since it only worked over WiFi I did not look into it any further. Bluetooth would have been great.


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