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After the QWidget version (QRadio), it was time for the qml one.

A big thanks goes to Javispedro who has written the fmrx daemon and qt plugin to allow developers to use QRadioTuner. And it even works better than the N900 QRadioTuner class!

You must have developer mode active and install Javispedro's debs from here.

You must install all the three debs Javispedro provided. Use the terminal to do so with dpkg. If you have no clue what dpkg is this is what to do:
Put all the 3files in the MyDocs folder (it's the first one you get when putting the device in mass memory mode).
Open terminal:
press enter than type
which is default root password. Press enter.
dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/fmrx*
and press enter.

Than install app from here.

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