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I have a question, I've flashed everything as you wrote into the guide, gapps (mini) right after sfdroid zip, we'll, have I to see the gapps in the apps list?
gapps will be in sfdroid. Android apps are not yet in the sailfish app drawer.
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i think you have to install the gapps right after the cm12.1 zip and the sfdroid at last, after the sailfish file.
I just updated topic for a simpler path that includes flashing together. It should now go cm12.1=> sailfish => => sfdroid => gapps => reboot => devel-su usermod -G net_bt_stack -a nemo => reboot

re:, it doesn't appear in all the gapps packages (such as the one I was testing with), but it still had the issue.

This issue was fixed in upstream CM at some point, since it's present in a snapshot without sfos from around this time. We're looking for the fix.

Edit: pico gapps still bundle in the swype support blobs, so it doesn't fix the issue. I finally properly updated the main topic with better instructions.

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