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So it looks like that, thanks to dr_frost_dk, I've got last four ~1500 mAh scuds in existence (tm) and forged it (in my volcano workshop ) into last two 3000 mAh dual scuds?

I'll probably keep one of them for myself (to accompany my private 3000 mAh battery made from first line of scuds), but the second one may be passed to any fellow Maemo user - for hardware/shipping (only to receiver, as I've them already on my place) + 30$ donation for hardware projects prepared by me

In case of many people interested, folks that have donated something to dr_frost_dk in the past, got priority. It's fair for everyone, I hope?

N900's aluminum backcover / body replacement
N900's HDMI-Out
Camera cover MOD
Measure battery's real capacity on-device
TrueCrypt 7.1 | ereswap | bnf
Hardware's mods research is costly. To support my work, please consider donating. Thank You!

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