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Why, oh why?

I think that the default calendar application is quite good, but the alarm which is always set to 15 minutes when creating an event had been increasingly driving me mad, up to the point when I decided to rewrite the whole thing.

General notes

As you might have already guessed, the application is called Qalendar because it is written in Qt/C++. It is a full replacement for the stock Maemo 5 calendar application.

There is a multitude of subtle differences and additions, many of them are listed on Qalendar's wiki page:

There are also some minor bugs and shortcomings like uninformative value text on the "Repeat" button, blinking details in the date picker, some keyboard shortcuts and gestures are missing, etc. If you find anything strange, you can let me know.

Portrait mode

Implementing a nice portrait mode for month and week is not a trivial thing, so they're locked to landscape, but the rest of the application can be used in any orientation.

Untested parts

The two most significant things that were not tested are synchronization and switching time zones, so I'm looking forward for feedback from people use them.

Recurrence editor

Qalendar has a powerful recurrence editor for events. It might look scary at first glance, but I think it's pretty easy to use for what it offers. For example, to set the recurrence to Friday 13th, configure it like on the screenshot below.

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Another example: every third year, all Fridays in May and June and second to last Monday of each of those months.

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How to get it?

You can download Qalendar from extras-devel. The name of the package is qalendar.

From my experience the application is safe to use, but don't trust me -- better make a backup if you don't want to lose your calendar.
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