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you made me so worried about the default tar not creating a 100% clone that I rebooted from internal flash and said as root in Xterm:

# mount -t jffs2 -o ro /dev/mtdblock4 /floppy
# mkdir /media/mmc1/tartest
# tar cf - -C /floppy . | tar xf - -C /media/mmc1/tartest

(MMC1 is my other SD card) and it produced only these two errors:

tar: cannot create directory './var/lib/gconf/system/bluetooth/device/00:0C:0A:03:7F:2A': Invalid argument
tar: can't open './var/lib/gconf/system/bluetooth/device/00:0C:0A:03:7F:2A/%gconf.xml': No such file or directory

probably because of the VFAT on the SD card being unable to handle ":" (right?). I rebooted from MMC2 and those had been copied correctly during my previous clone to MMC/Ext2fs. Since there were no other problems I should be okay with my cloned OS2008, right?


the battery icon on my cloned MMC2 boot seems to work just fine for me.