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i will explain in detail. Question you need to ask yourself is when and why is navigation guidance mode icon pressed?
It's not that I can't see your reasoning for the suggestion, it's that I think other things (not forcing one demographics' preferences upon others, mainly) matter slightly more.

Originally Posted by niqbal
Two fold answer to it.

one when we are done Routing our route, enabled Tracking settings, GPS is locked-in, a certain Zoom-level is set on map, Download Map Tiles in cache done (using offline routing mode), clicked on Offline Mode and now you are all set on your journey from a Source -> Destination; point being all the settings take place prior to navigating and they are very nicely laid out in drop down menu.

two, this mode is used when we are driving or perhaps biking etc i.e. navigating our way. We are on the route now. We have set the controls and now we want marble to take auto-pilot and guide us while we concentrate on the road. By toggling to full-screen it gives a clear, unclustered and bigger map view in range making it easier to peek and know which next turn is coming up. Also forcing a touch to ideally either pull a car on the side or stop biking before making any necessary changes/adjustments to the route.

Lastly, in my last post i mentioned a fullscreen icon which i also told earthwings on irc chat. That would give freedom to use however one feels fit.
I can certainly see your point. However, someone might want to change route mid-drive, or maybe change some settings, or whatever. Alternatively, 'forcing a touch' to ideally pull/stop a car/bike over to make changes/adjustments is a normative claim - I.E. that it's a good thing to force people to do that.

At any rate, I agree with you that that's something that would convenience a bunch of people - however, I do NOT think that it should be the automatic hard-coded thing, that pressing a Voice Guidance Icon should also full-screen the program - it's fine as an option, even as the set-on-by-default behavior, but I think that if implemented, it should be disable-able through some settings menu.

Alternatively, simply having a full-screen button should suffice, honestly.