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Originally Posted by chemist View Post
If people had stopped to abuse the tagging system this could have worked... I can change the prefix to non-mandatory but I did not see any other way than forcing it upon people.
Hmm. I admit that I haven't been keeping up with the issues on TMO, but can't any system be abused? People who see that only "Developers" are allowed to post will join the developers group, whether or not they are developing anything. People who don't understand or don't care what "M5" or "SFOS" translate to will pick one at random...

I think any categorization scheme will require the patience and support of whoever is maintaining it, simply because we are dealing with human beings here. (I suspect that the only possible system that would avoid abuse entirely would be one where the person or persons interested in categorization do the tagging / prefixing / whatever themselves. Don't even let the original poster modify the tag...)

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