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Originally Posted by L29Ah View Post
At first, we need someone who is familiar with Devuan ecosystem
I know a few people who work directly on Devuan, and they've also said they'd help out, so I think that'll be fine.

Originally Posted by peterleinchen View Post
Thanks. But why a new thread?
I am trying to get it a bit more organised - to make it easier to people to start out, without having to read through 20 pages of forum threads. I like the forum, but it's not useful as a starters guide if you have to dig through lots of text, IMHO.

That said, my current goal is:
  • Getting wifi/3d(mali) to work on my A33 tablet
  • Get some experience building packages
  • Try said packages on the tablet
  • Work on the auto builder.

Is there anyone else interested in helping out one way or another? It helps if you post that in the thread, so we can try to find the right task for everyone.

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