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First of all, thank you for developing this App. Very promising.

Installed Saera on my Jolla 1

SailfishOS v2.0.5.6
Python 2.7.9

Worked for a minute and it stopped saying Bye.
I see following in the journalctl

Feb 02 09:34:39 Sailfish [3979]: [D] onError:256 - Python error: Return value of PyObject call is NULL: Traceback (most recent call last):

                                   File "/usr/share/harbour-saera/qml/pages/", line 1374, in cancel_listening
                                     return platform.cancel_listening()

                                   File "/usr/share/harbour-saera/qml/pages/", line 694, in cancel_listening

                                   File "/usr/share/harbour-saera/qml/pages/pyjulius/", line 158, in send
                                     _, writable, __ =[], [self.sock], [], timeout)

                                 ValueError: file descriptor cannot be a negative integer (-1)

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