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Originally Posted by Kabouik View Post
[...]Does pkcon install need exact package names one by one?
IIRC, yes, wildcards do not work in pkcon.
But you can address multiple packages in a single line / command.

Originally Posted by Kabouik View Post
As a side note, "pkcon refresh" needed to be run as root, which kind of surprised me. I always thought pkcon didn't need root permissions in the past, did it change?
IIRC, that was the case, when Warehouse (a OpenRepos client) was installed.
You probably changed that lately.

Originally Posted by Kabouik View Post
Same thing happens with "ssu ur".
As always and as it should.

Originally Posted by colin.stephane View Post
Yes, that seems to host the source code of one of the packages @Kabouik has installed, but the source of the RPMs proper is somewhere else (probably the MER-OBS).

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