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kraker_abhy, check latest version and leave feedback.

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Well it happens when it is in landscape and then when I rotate the phone it goe... on portrait like that.
Only when hildon is under lockscreen?
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One more idea... Can you make it to stay in the lock screen as long as you "play" with it instead of turning off after sometime(I am not sure if this happens, but it gives me the idea that it really does!).
But what when phone is in your pocket and you accidentally press powerbutton. Maybe if I add proximity sensor support.
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By the way, how can we change the background image and the apps if we want?
As usually in /opt/nameoffapp/
Bar with apps is QuickBar.qml
You have e.g.
source: isHildon ? "file://usr/share/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps/terminal.png"
change "osso-xterm" (/usr/share/application/hildon/osso-xterm.desktop) to something different

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