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kraker_abhy, check latest version and leave feedback.
Hi elros34, Thanks for your hard-work. I have figured below things with new version:

Working nicely:
1. Now pause button doesn't stop the song and it just pause which is nice.
2. Songs get paused when i remove headphone.
3. swiping and controlling media seems more smoother

Problems according to me:

1. Hiding back the bar with icons (if i don't want to launch any app) now requires double time swipe, it doesn't scroll down for the first time when i swipe (it was smooth in previous version)
2. First lock screen appearance after reboot shows half the screen in landscape with portrait long screen going out of display, no matter which orientation N900 is. which is very odd and also when i swipe away then it shows kind of app closing window of qmllockscreen.

My requests:
1. Like OMP, would you like to add control to media play that once i plug headphone back it should play song again if it was paused?
2. Did you planned to add notifications like other lockscreens or any other information on the empty space on the screen like weather or some other information from relevant applications?

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